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Breakup Season

by Future Teens

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Jamming Device
Jamming Device thumbnail
Jamming Device "Frequent Crier" is one of the funniest songs I've ever heard. Future Teens' lyrics sound like thoughts or conversations you would cringe in half remembering ever having had—like emails you'd be embarrassed for the rest of your life having written—but that novelty, married to genuine technical skill and a refusal to break character, makes for a unique "bummer pop" offering that's fun to have on the shelf. Favorite track: Frequent Crier.
Monty Coyote
Monty Coyote thumbnail
Monty Coyote This album is such a breath of fresh air, every song is so unique yet so sounds so consistent together! Also really appreciate your guy's support of the LGBTQ+ community and how you bring resources to your shows too! <3 Favorite track: Swiped Out.
Eve Turnbull
Eve Turnbull thumbnail
Eve Turnbull This album is such a beautiful trip I'm always down to go on ✨ Favorite track: Swiped Out.
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Happy New Year You get the same old me I don’t have the resolution to change a thing January Won’t be different than the last Except of course I’m torn between two homes I’m more sick than ever of talking on the phone My dog won’t live through this winter No one’s ever stayed that long Come on over Want you to see my room I’ll have it this whole weekend About as long as I’ll have you I can’t remember Feeling not so far away I’ve been carrying more baggage each time I board the plane I was never good at packing all my bags are overweight And this flight keeps getting longer but the distance stays the same And I’m just calling to tell you that I am not okay
Born To Stay 03:05
Here’s to my absent friends When will you be back again? Is it sad? I think somewhat To stay in the town where you grew up Though technically I’m a mile away I’m close enough to see the face Of every girl from my high school class Home from New York on dating apps Still I’m glad I stayed Close enough to see my Mom and Dad watch the baseball game But nothing changed I guess that when you stay you also stay the same I’ve been so busy screaming into the void Never noticed I was making a choice To be just one more lonely sad boy Missing the point So cue the lights, then fade to black Maybe this time no laugh track Cause I’m done there, and I’ve been that I should be happy where I’m at But all I want Is someone who will wait around while I am gone Is it wrong? To have a fear of missing out on moving on I’ve been so busy screaming into the void When really I was making a choice To be just one more lonely sad boy Missing the point Wish it was easier done than it’s said But honestly don’t know what it is I expect Cause I never heard the void once scream back I guess that silence meant I should get over it
I remember you lying there Right through your teeth Always pretended I didn't care Which was too easy Caught in the fading light of the TV flickering Right then I made a decision One which I would not keep To only be with somebody else For whom I feel something Just give me the benefit of my doubts don’t hold them against me Heavy as they are they still feel lighter than honesty Last week on commonwealth I saw you walking by But it was someone else I still waved and smiled And so I think of a way To get back in touch But it’s 3am I just asked if you want to get lunch I’m tired of waking up in debt To the night before Just wondering how broke I can feel till I’m emotionally poor Like when you did not get an invite to a party you would’ve skipped I saw you with your boyfriend the night after we kissed And then in Harvard Square I saw you walking by But I was unprepared And barely recognized I couldn’t help but stare Something did not feel right Realized we’d never seen Each other in daylight So then you thought of a way To get back in touch Now it’s 3am And I’m half past drunk
You made my mom a scarf Just like the one you made for me It’s just like you to keep us warm Even after I up and leave I can’t remember when I last slept in my own bed And I’m paying up for it in way more ways than rent Catch me Crying in the shower How’s your day been? Crying in a traffic jam How was your drive? Crying in the break room hoping no one else comes in I bet your friends are thrilled They don’t have to hear you go on About another girl who’s great but Boston’s still too damn far away I know mine are over it They’ve been rolling their eyes since We nearly kissed in Ilana’s backyard So I mailed you a book and a birthday card Now I’m Crying in the shower How’s your day been? Crying in a traffic jam How was your drive? Crying in the break room hoping no one else comes in Crying into my fridge Are you eating? Crying at my own birthday Are you happier yet? Crying over every picture of your cat you send Crying into my plate At a Mexican place in Maine Cause you won’t let me pay you back For a vacation I didn’t take And it’s been two years to the day Sick of Crying in the shower Crying in a traffic jam Crying in the bathroom when you asked me how’ve I’ve been Crying into my fridge Crying cause I’m leaving again Crying when you told me I would still be your best friend And I can’t do this again
So What 03:22
Live in a house full of all my stuff I’m grown up grown up grown up But I can’t be sure of When the last time was I loved someone So what so what so what it feels hard enough To come home and make myself sleep Eat three square meals, wash my face, brush my teeth And find a soulmate in which I don’t believe If that means a lot well I don’t think it means it means it to me Have no time to let in someone new That’s not true not true not true Should find a better excuse For why I’m scared of what I can’t un-lose I’ll make room make room make room so I can tell you The thoughts that I’ve been holding in We’ll both pretend you’re not sleeping with him I understand now that the means always end So let’s find out if we’re mutually friends I’m sorry If you’re sorry
I’m filling in my calendar Every hour with stuff to do If I can’t stop to think of it I won’t have time for missing you I haven’t called up my family I’m avoiding my oldest friends Maybe I’ll just make some new ones So I don’t have to pretend i’m happy alone at the party again I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I can’t hate you And trust me, I’ve tried to How long is this supposed to take? Cause I love you and I need that to change Maybe it was destructive To go catch a crush I built this up into something That it never was But if my memory serves me Like my self worth rarely does This started just like the ending Trying to play it cool enough and leaving with an awkward hug I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I can’t hate you And trust me, I’ve tried to How long is this supposed to take? Cause I love you and I need that to change We joked that this would be easier For whoever cared less I guess that makes me the loser But I’m trying my best I don’t know what I’m supposed to do I can’t hate you And trust me, I’ve tried to How long is this supposed to take? Cause I love you I don’t want that to change I need it to change
Passed Tense 03:55
Go back To the way it was before I got attached To how it felt assuming love should not go well And when things go right it’s almost hard to tell So used to being by myself Then suddenly that all came undone Maybe you can have what you want But can you have it all at once? Hang on Could I just look for love some place that isn’t wrong? And maybe find out what she meant in the parking lot When she said you know it actually doesn’t need to be this hard I think I finally get that part So how can I convince the thought away That if something good comes easy It must be too good to stay But then you were in my dream last night We didn’t talk but it was nice And I know we don’t speak in real life But this was different you seemed fine (I still blame you) Instead of having that same argument Or wondering where all six years went You let this go, I let you win Guess I still know you like I did back then Now it’s just passed tense Maybe let’s not stay friends And I don’t blame you But I’ll always know us like we were back then but now it’s just past tense
Swiped Out 03:33
I swiped myself to sleep last night I wanna set my iPhone on fire Cause Colin or Connor or David or Alex Whatever his name is Just asked me to breakfast So I’ll make excuses for my weekend I cried myself to sleep last night I want to throw myself in the Charles Cause Carolyn’s thoughtful She asked how my day went I can’t bring myself to tell her it was fine Cause her hair’s tucked behind her ears like yours If i met her I’d just fall apart for sure I don’t have time for this I don’t have time I dropped another shift tonight I might have to quit my job Someone cute works there It makes me feel anxious What if they think I am funny too? I’m not prepared for someone new I wonder when it won’t feel too soon Have you had time for this? Now you don’t have mine Have you made room for this? My rooms still a mess I can’t fall asleep most nights I loved your voice when you’re tired The way we’d high five every time we remembered That all of our last firsts would happen together The photo of us still pressed inside my wallet The pile of your stuff growing tall inside my closet If I ever knew what went wrong, I think that I forgot it I told you things are better now, I wasn’t being honest Half of the time we wished We had more time for this We were half right Tried for so long to live In one room and two places But kept our distance So why do I look for you In town and in people too Sometimes I miss Someone to be lonely with
I keep wondering how you spend your days Do you even notice that I’m away I know I’m asking from a selfish place You just seem distant, and that’s okay We’ve been staying in separate rooms But it still makes my day to come home to you I wouldn’t ask for things you don’t want too I know you’re waiting there for me But I can’t get too comfy When I met you I knew that I was signing up to get hurt in the long run My arm’s asleep, but I won’t move Cause so are you I could take back all my stuff But you love that old shirt of mine so much And I still find your hair on everything I touch I hope you’re waiting there for me but I can’t get too comfy When I met you I knew that I was Signing up to get hurt in the long run My arm’s asleep but I won’t move You won’t be waiting there for me And I got way too comfy When I met you I knew that I was Signing up to get hurt in the long run My arm’s asleep, and I won’t move Two beers deep wanna call you I should just leave, I don’t want to What else is new? Getting used to my company Was never gonna amount to loving me Not even temporarily
Go on get out of bed now Turn the lights back on You took a nap with the sun out And waking up feels wrong Look at your phone for a little bit But the feeling isn’t gone That you could live your whole life like this Comfortably alone Bored inside your home You can’t tell if you’re hungry Or should you never eat again? Open the fridge for a third time Still nothing you have interest in Can we skip to the moment when You start to feel more human You’re stuck inside your own skin Behind your own eyes spinning Not sure who you think you’ve been kidding You’re just vicariously living Cause lately you feel like your life’s too long Not to find someone else to waste it on And lately it feels like if life’s so long At least I found something nice to waste it on


We open on an older man and woman in their seventies across the
table from one another. The man looks pre-occupied and

ALICE: What’s wrong, Joe? Something on your mind?

JOE: Every since Cecil passed on, I’ve been thinking a lot about
life insurance. I want to be sure the kids aren’t burdened
when it’s my time. Do you and GLADYS have any?

ALICE: We do. But what’s really been helping us feel secure lately

JOE: FUTURE TEENS? I’ve never heard of that.

Alice slides a copy of HARD FEELINGS across the table.

ALICE: They’re a rock band from Boston, MA and they’ve changed
everything for GLADYS and I. People call them BUMMER POP
and it’s a label they wear proudly.

JOE: I’ve never even heard of BUMMER POP. What does that sound
ALICE: It sounds like it’s 1 am and you’re on the front stoop of a
party full of people you barely know talking with your best
friend after you’ve both had a really hard couple of weeks.
JOE: That sounds comforting.

ALICE: It is! And more people are starting to hear about FUTURE
TEENS. Just recently, they’ve started working with TRIPLE
CROWN RECORDS and have played alongside notable acts like

JOE: Wow. Sounds like I should get on board before it’s too


released August 30, 2019

Future Teens:
Amy Hoffman - guitar/vocals
Colby Blauvelt - drums
Daniel Radin - guitar/vocals
Maya Mortman - bass

additional performers:
Dylan Vadakin - wurlitzer/organ
Christine Varriale, Allison Griggs, Christopher Canieso, Sara Lieto, Katherine Landesman - group vocals

Produced by Daniel Radin and Future Teens
Recorded at Brighton Hills West
drums recorded at Sonelab by Justin Pizzoferrato
Mixed by Andy D. Park
Mastered by Ed Brooks


all rights reserved



Future Teens Boston, Massachusetts

future teens is amy, daniel, maya and colby. they are a bummer pop band from boston.

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